Grab Your Friends for a Day/Evening of Fun and Productivity
  • This fun, interactive session allows you to unleash your creativity in order to set and achieve your goals.
  • Get your friends together for a day/evening that can be held virtually or socially distanced outside. (On-site sessions are limited to Howard County and Baltimore County and would need to be coordinated with instructor (who has been vaccinated).
  • Includes individual and group exercises that release stress and inspire ideas, thought processes, and avenues of achievement.
  • Participants are asked to download worksheets in advance (will be emailed with booking confirmation) and have colored pencils available for all participants.
  • The session is intended to be FUN so grab your favorite beverage(s), snacks, and comfortable clothes (hey, wear your PJs if they are most comfortable) and be ready to R-E-L-A-X while also being productive.

Let’s face it, this past year has been an emotional rollercoaster, filled with anxiety, stress, and the scary unknown.

This group session allows you to LET GO of the worry and embrace your freedom. This includes the freedom to pursue your creativity, goals, and desires without fear—or with the tools to tackle that fear and carry on.



GROUP WORKSHOP: Tapping Into Your Creativity to Achieve Your Goals

Grab your friends and register for this intimate group (your friends only) workshop. $20 per person with a 6-person (or $120) minimum.


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