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Be seduced by the sweet aroma of The Marinara Theory.

Meet Ashley Whitaker, a twenty-six-year-old advertising associate, who considers herself a modern-day Mary Tyler Moore. Filled with moxie and a contradicting wealth of insecurities, Ashley uses all her coping mechanisms to deal with the minefield of dating.

After being dumped via text message, Ashley decides to focusher energies on her aspiring advertising career, becoming a Taekwondo badass, and funding a trip to Europe with a part-time waitressing job.

It’s when she discovers the magic of the Marinara Theory that her life takes a surprisingly positive turn upwards. Suddenly it seems as if the heavens have opened up and populated the universe with available bachelors seeking her affection. The Marinara Theory also lands Ashley the role of manager of a lucrative new advertising account. But can Ashley rise to the challenge? It doesn’t help that tongues are wagging at work about a juicy rumor. There’s also office politics and her own self-doubt that she must overcome in order to lead her creative team and please the client.

Will the power of the Marinara Theory dissipate like Cinderella’s glass slipper at midnight or will Ashley recognize the secret to sustainability? The answer can be found in the pages of The Marinara Theory, which humorously chronicles Ashley Whitaker as she searches to find self-empowerment and, with any luck, her Prince Charming.

Nothing’s As It Seems

To be re-released on November 17

Teenage Detective Marianna Mestre
She can get to the bottom of most mysteries—there’s the case of a stolen laptop, the discovery of unearthed bones, and the quest to find the culprit of a cruel and hurtful adolescent prank. It’s the mysteries of life and adolescents that Marianna finds confusing.

Marianna Mestre: Nothing’s As It Seems is narrated by Marianna, a precocious and inquisitive 13-year-old, whose love for solving mysteries is challenged by the distraction of middle-school drama. Raised by a single attorney father since she was six, Marianna prides herself on being a loner, relying only on the characters of books for friendships. That is until she meets Colin and Michael, two brothers who join Marianna on her detective escapades.


Behind the Lens

To be released on November 17

Teenage Detective Marianna Mestre Is Back

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