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When Writing Doesn’t Always Mean Writing

How to Write a Novel While Working Full Time

Just Write: Today’s Stream of Consciousness

Five Simple Steps to Start Writing Your Novel

Do you have a novel in you? A story idea that you’ve been dying to share? Or, do you want want to write a novel, but not sure how to get started?  If so, then this is for you.   I say this because I honestly think that anyone who feels a calling to write, SHOULD WRITE.  Click to continue reading.

Outlining vs. Discovery Writing: Which is Correct?

There is much debate on the process of writing a novel.  Many traditionalists fall back on what we were taught in school—first create an outline and then fill in the blanks.  While others subscribe to the rule of having no rules. These writers just write, figuring out how their story will unfold as they move. Click to continue reading.

Why Writing Consistently is Critical

If I had to name one of the most important factors for being a successful writer, it would be this . . . write and write consistently. Writing is a craft and to become better at it – like most things in life – you have to work at it CONSISTENTLY. Click to continue reading.

Writing in the Zone

Do you remember when stereograms (like the one above) were really popular?  Stereograms are photos containing hidden 3D images that reveal themselves when the viewer focuses his/her eyes in a certain way.  I remember going to the mall and seeing photos of stereograms like the one above for sale. Click to continue reading.

The Percolation of Creativity

I feel the words brewing, percolating, bubbling inside my head.  They are there in limbo. Waiting for the muse to take them to their fate.  I am inspired, but only in thought. In my mind’s eye, I can see a masterpiece, a celebration of creativity.  I feel the way the words touch and move others, Click to continue reading.

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