Want to start writing your first or next novel and not sure how to begin? Perhaps, you simply want to awaken or tap into your creative juices. This self-paced workshop can be done individually and quietly on your own schedule and time.

This online course will provide instruction and exercises for getting your writing to flow and overcoming blocks when the words aren’t coming. Enjoy individual exercises about listening to your heart, honing your instincts, silencing negative inner voices, and becoming more contemplative and reflective.

Learn to appreciate the writing journey, become an effusive writer who is completely tuned into your creativity.


Tapping Into Your Creativity and Getting Your Writing to Flow

Self-paced workshop to tap into your creativity. Exercises can be done on your own time and schedule. An email will be sent with your video and activity book. Price is for one person only. The course’s copyrighted materials should not be shared with others.


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