The Marianna Mystery Series


Being a teenager is hard.

There are so many emotions swirling around, hormones running rampant, compounded with peer pressure, puberty and the insecurity of developing too quickly or, perhaps, not quickly enough. There is often the cruelty of peers who hold the unfortunate power of deeming a classmate as “weird” or “nerdy.”  Whispers in the school hallways, teens wondering if they can measure up. Even the brightest and most popular can walk with a shroud of doubt, hiding their diffidence.

This is why I wrote the Marianna Mystery series (Nothing’sAs It Seems and Behind the Lens). I wanted to evoke the powerful message of self-confidence and staying true to oneself through the platform of fiction. My goal is to entertain young readers while having a character that resonates with them—letting them know that they are not alone and what they are feeling is common.

Meet teenage detective Marianna Mestre. She can get to the truth of any mystery. It’s the uncertainties of life and adolescents that Marianna finds most confusing. Join Marianna as she discovers unconventional friendships, ventures into a new world of dating, and navigates middle and high school drama. This coming-of-age series chronicles the teenage life of Marianna who was raised by her single father. Poignant and meaningful lessons are unveiled through the eyes of Marianna as she shares her fears, insecurities, and hopes with readers.

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